What Do the Rest of the World Think of the US Education System?

While the US emphasizes decentralization and separation between public and private schools, the rest of the world puts much more emphasis on standards and accountability. While many Asian countries require a high level of homework and put undue pressure on students, the US encourages a diverse education with a broad range of subjects and learning methods. This broad education prepares students for the world outside the classroom.

US education system emphasizes development of an all-round mind through a range of disciplines. Students are encouraged to cultivate their talents through extracurricular activities, round tables, and research. Universities in the USA provide up-to-date facilities and the latest technologies. Students are drawn to the high academic standards and extensive knowledge. The US is an excellent place to pursue an education. And if you’re wondering what the rest of the world thinks of the US education system, here are some of the reasons they think so.

When it comes to teaching and learning, the USA must set an example by promoting positive educational visions for all children. Our education system must be the best in the world. PISA tests, a popular international benchmark for student achievement, show that we rank next to last when it comes to child well-being. We need to do better. In the meantime, we should continue to improve on our educational standards to make our country the envy of the world.

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