Why Do We Need Showbiz News?

Showbiz news is an essential part of every politician’s campaign, but why do we need it? It can be explained in two ways: artificial importance is created in order to sell products and services, and biographical events are documented to provide a background to the next generation. As the world’s entertainment market expands, the need for more celebrities is correspondingly increasing. The showbiz press is a politician’s first line of defense in building mass awareness.

The growing importance of showbiz news is clear in the fact that showbiz journalists often double as public relations specialists and talent managers. They also often misrepresent events and pass off gossip as news. The relative ease of writing showbiz stories has resulted in the influx of ill-prepared writers. The problem isn’t just with the newspaper industry. Even television newscasts dedicate primetime time to showbiz segments, including 24 Oras’ “Chika Minute” and TV Patrol World’s “Star Patrol.”

The first theory views celebrities as commodities that encapsulate consumer culture. According to this thesis, showbiz news is problematic because it distorts the attention of the public and political realms. It also dumbs down the news content and journalistic quality, threatening democracy. In contrast, the celebrity-as-forum thesis emphasizes the role of celebrities in broadening the public sphere. Through media presentations of celebrities, audiences engage in debates on fundamental moral and social issues. Furthermore, they reinforce shared social norms and democratize access to information about the social world.

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